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    Default No 'Mogambo magic' in Mr India 2

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    Declaring that he was making a sequel of Mr. India and not its remake, Boney Kapoor has categorically ruled out having the much hated character Mogambo in the new film.

    In the original, Amrish Puri played the famous villain.

    "Obviously, there won't be a Mogambo unless we are remaking the same film. As of now, we don't have plans of remaking the same film. We are working on a sequel. If there is a sequel, Mogambo won't be there, there would be a new villain," Kapoor said while unveiling the cover of People magazine featuring his wife and actress Sridevi.

    Does this mean that Salman Khan will not be in the film playing a villain? "If I had my way, I would plan every film with Salman Khan. But this is not in my hands, it will be according to the script," Kapoor averred.

    Sridevi, who played Anil Kapoor's love interest in Mr. India, will also be seen in the sequel.

    Kapoor is currently focusing on No Entry Mein Entry. "Before I get down to Mr. India, we have just finished the script for No Entry Mein Entry.

    This means that first it would be No Entry Mein Entry first and then would be followed by Mr. India and various other films.



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