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    Default Case of Mistaken Identity! - Vidya Balan

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    Who would’ve thought that Vidya Balan has a wicked sense of humour? A few days ago, some Londoners mistook her to be a lookalike and not the actual Vidya. The incident took place when she was dishevelled and sans make-up having a great time with one of her friends at a carnival in London.

    Two men at the carnival went up to Vidya and asked, "Ma’am, do you know an Indian actress called Vidya Balan? You look quite like her.” And Vidya replied, “No, I don’t know her.”

    Don’t blame the men. They happened to see Vidya just after she got off a rollercoaster, and her hair was in a complete mess. Vidya’s friend, who was with her at the carnival, said, “Vidya was very scared after the ride. She looked flustered and unkempt, quite unlike her screen avataar. “

    “She was full of enthusiasm initially but went pale when the rollercoaster started. She was still recovering her breath when the two men asked her if she knew Vidya Balan,” added the friend.

    Vidya confirmed the incident. “It was very embarrassing and funny. Blame it on the scary rollercoaster,” she said, affirming that never ever again would

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