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    Default MISSING: Sarvar vanishes from JYOTI !!!

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    Sarvar Ahuja aka Pankaj who plays the lead in Sphere Origins show Jyoti on NDTV Imagine is missing from the show for quite sometime now. Before you start thinking otherwise, let us inform you that neither he is out of the show nor is he on break. He is simply waiting for his track to come in the show.

    When asked Sarvar about his absence from the show, he says, “I am very much in the show. The ongoing track is on Jyoti’s sister Sushma and her husband Brij. So I am sidelined for sometime now as I have nothing much to do.”

    When asked when he will be back on the show? “Very soon. Once again Brij will be back with his evil deeds. He eventually convinced his wife and now he will plot something against Jyoti where Pankaj will come into picture, ” he confirms.

    But Sarvar is not spending his time just relaxing but is utilizing this free time to the fullest. “I go to swim everyday and spend most of the time doing workout in gym. I have also taken up action sports like marshal arts. Being fit is very essential in this industry and now that I have enough time, I am making the most of it.”
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