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    Thumbs up "There was no way I could have missed KSKHH" - Neha Sharma

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    Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum has released and after Crook, Neha Sharma is finding herself back in the bigger scheme of things. As a leading lady, she had promised herself one simple thing - 'Work in a film that promises a good commercial success'. Now that audience is already checking out what really the adult comedy indeed has to offer, more so with the pretty girls bringing on good spunk, oomph and naughtiness, one gets chatting with Neha.

    Let's begin with something really obvious - What made you choose Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum?
    I had really liked Kyaa Kool Hain Hum and wanted to be a part of a film which everyone likes and appreciates. Since the original itself was so funny, there was no way I could have missed stepping into the sequel. Moreover I read the script and I found it to be very funny and easygoing. I thought that this is one movie which I would enjoy as an audience too.

    The film also allowed you to get into a comic zone…
    Well, my debut movie in South had an element of humor even though it was not an out and out comedy. However this one is. I am not sure how good or bad I am in it but I have given it my 100% and hopefully the audience would appreciate that. I hope I have blend well in the madhouse created by Tusshar and Riteish.

    Also, finally you can leave a rather serious Bollywood debut like Crook behind, isn't it?
    See, there aren't many people who anyways like serious cinema. Most just want to go and get entertained with easy humor. I wanted my second Bollywood film to be as easy as a breeze. When you are doing a serious kind of film you need to get into the skin of the character. You have to let yourself out through the character and the emotions. All emotions, right from turmoil, sadness, anger and love need to be expressed with a different mood and setting for which there is a different kind of preparation required. However in a comedy film you don't have to get into that preparatory zone; you just have to be easy and let it all flow. You just have to let go of your inhibitions. Though it is difficult being a newcomer, I still went all out and played the character.

    Well, you had another 'almost newcomer' with you in the form of Sarah-Jane Dias who again has only one film in Hindi (Game) to her credit. Since for both of you this is your second Hindi film, was there some sort of competition, even if healthy?
    Frankly, I am here to focus on my work and career. I am just concentrating on the same. I am not depleting my energy on other things and there isn't anything else that I could think of. I am not bothered about others coming up with a phenomenal performance; I have to be selfish and just concentrate on myself. I am not here in competition and do not believe in that. I only want to better myself and give 100%.

    That sounded quite copybook…
    (Smiles) But then I do get along very well with others so why should we always bring any kind of competition in such conversations? This is work and you have to be professional. I am not here to attach myself personally with anybody. It is important for my career that I get along with everybody.

    How about getting along well with Ekta Kapoor? How has the interaction been with her so far?
    Actually Ekta doesn't come on the sets and I am told that she follows up about everything directly from the production team. I did not get an opportunity to interact with her at all.



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