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    Default Mice ain't nice for Konkona

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    Konkona Sen Sharma was not too happy about shooting with a rat as she suffers

    from musophobia......

    Konkona Sen Sharma has always had musophobia; a fear of mice. Imagine her plight when she had to shoot with one for a scene in Wake Up Sid. A bewildered Konkona said, I still dont know how (director) Ayaan Mukherjee made me do it. It was one of the most difficult scenes I have ever done.

    Konkona had to shoot with a rat crawling over her body. All was well until she discovered that the director was bent on using a real rat. Our sources said, When Konkona learnt it was going to be a real mouse, she just refused to shoot. It took Ayaan a lot of time to convince Konkona to do the scene. They got a mouse, coloured it black with shoe polish to make it resemble a rat. But Konkona was far from convinced, and out of fear, hurriedly finished the scene in only a couple of takes.

    Konkona added, I dont care if it was a mouse or a rat; they are equally scary for me. When I read the script, I never thought Ayaan would actually want a real rat or a mouse. I assumed they would either use a fake mouse or my dummy. I am still terrified by the thought.

    This, as far as she is concerned, is the first and last time she will ever shoot with one. She said, Ayaan went on and on, it was driving me crazy and I was almost in tears but he wouldnt budge. I covered myself with two rajais (quilts) but I could still feel the mouse climbing over me. It was the most frightening experience ever. I would never do it again.

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