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    Default Meet the stars of Mumbai Mirror

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    Director Ankush Bhatt's 'Mumbai Mirror' gives a ringside view of the dark underworld that coexists with society. And, in typical Bollywood style, the film seamlessly intertwines action with romance.

    We take a look at the characters and how the actors relate to them:

    Abhijeet Patil ( Sachiin Joshi)

    Abhijeet Patil is a cop with the Mumbai police, who sternly believes in action. He is overtly confident and the other officers dislike him for this attitude. They even tag him the black sheep of the branch. However, this doesn't stop him from playing with fire. Abhijeet dares Durrani, a bookie and Shetty, a bar owner and all his thoughtless actions cost him his job. Eventually, he settles all his scores and triumphs over his enemies.

    Sachiin on Abhijeet Patil

    It was a challenge to essay the role as it was based on a real-life policeman. The only difference is that the system and the law bound him, while I have turned the tables in the film. That is why I'm also called Yeda, a psycho. But, at the same time, I'm also shown as someone who is flamboyant and daring. I guess that is what made the role special for me.

    ACP Gaitonde ( Mahesh Manjrekar)

    ACP Gaitonde, a well-respected, high-ranking officer, is an ideal man and people look up to him. Being Abhijeet's uncle, he is the young cop's guiding force and a well-wisher. But there's more to him than what meets the eye.

    Mahesh Manjrekar on ACP Gaitonde

    Not to appear negative and yet be one was a challenge for me. The character is full of surprises. He revels in his unpredictability and boasts of a distinct style that has not been seen in films. The best part is that the character has not been shown having over-the-top and exaggerated mannerisms. He is very much like the guy next door or the neighbour you rush to when in distress. But mind you, he is like that book that is best not judged by its cover.

    Jia ( Vimla Raman)

    Jia is a journalist who does not think twice before stepping into the forbidden zone and reporting the truth. She is fearless and is prepared for the hardships and risks that come with her profession. She is also Abhijeet's love interest and stands by him during tough times.

    Vimla on Jia

    I play a journalist for the first time. What I liked about her was her assertiveness and grounded nature, just the way I am in real life. But, playing a reporter was a learning experience for me. I had to pick up nuances instantly to appear natural and that's what made it memorable.

    Shetty (Prakash Raj)

    Shetty is at loggerheads with Abhijeet who wants to expose the nexus between bar dancers and the corruption involved in the trade. But the bar owner has enough political clout and runs his illegal business without any obstacles. This sparks off an enmity between Abhijeet and Shetty.

    Prakash Raj on Shetty

    Shetty is a villain to the core. With his manipulative and shrewd ways, he instigates Abhijeet. I enjoyed essaying this character more because Shetty is a South Indian and the mannerisms came easily to me. The Machiavellian hues of the role made it challenging and I am glad I did it.

    IPS Officer Prashant

    (Prashant Narayanan) Prashant, an IPS officer, has struggled his way to the top. Though he is an officer on desk, he envies colleague Abhijeet, who gets the freedom to step into the world of criminals and deal with them first-hand.

    Prashant on Prashant

    I said yes to this film because Ankush was directing it. For me, every role is special in its own way, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing IPS officer Prashant as there were many shades to him. I hope I've depicted my role just the way Bhatt visualised.

    Rani (Giana Khan)

    Rani is bar dancer, who is used as a pawn by Shetty to ruin Abhijeet's career. Though she projects herself as ambitious and sexy, Rani is soft at heart. She listens to her conscience and, eventually, doesn't betray Abhijeet. They were former lovers and love rekindles between them, but is Abhijeet willing to accept it?

    Giana Khan on Rani

    I had met bar dancers and interacted with them for my role. I realised that most girls danced at bars out of compulsion. Keeping this reality in mind, I have played the role. It was a different experience because in no way am I even remotely close to the girl you see on screen. I loved exploring the different facets of a bar girl and the scenes shot in bars are going to stay with me forever.

    Durrani (Aditya Panshcholi)

    Durrani is a bookie whom Abhijeet rubs the wrong way. He is waiting for an opportunity to settle scores with the cop.

    Produced by Viiking Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Mirror releases tomorrow.

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