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    Default Meet Shah Rukh's newest friend

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    Shah Rukh Khan does not basically carry an attitude which advocates friendliness. He seems arrogant, though that may not be intentional most of the times. And hence, for him, making new friends at this period of time is no less than extraordinary. But since the man is renowned for his charma and extraordinariness, this was not truly surprising, to be frank. The king of traditional commercial cinema, Shah Rukh Khan, has found a new friend in the form of the baton-bearer of parallel off-beat cinema, Anurag Kashyap. What’s more interesting to note is the fact that once Anurag did not really share the best of terms with Shah Rukh’s not-so-good friend Salman Khan.

    Anyway, the two bonded well at Shah Rukh’s London abode recently, where the superstar had invited Kashyap over for dinner. They presumably had quite a good time there since Shah Rukh tweeted soon after wishing his guest for the night for his upcoming movie. We do not really know what to make of it apart from either of these presumptions: ‘Bombay Velvet’ could fall into Shah Rukh’s lap once again, which is unlikely though, since reportedly Kashyap’s already signed on Ranbir Kapoor for the role. The second presumption, and even more far-fetched, could be another attempt of SRK’s to rid Salman of another ally of his, since Salman recently patched up with Anurag. Well, our guess is as good as yours.
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