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    Default Meet the funny characters of All The Best !!!

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    This Diwali, expect some fireworks as Ajay Devgn gifts you and your family the biggest Diwali gift- the multi-starrer laugh-riot All The Best. Directed by Rohit Shetty (of Golmaal and Golmaal Returns fame), All The Best stars Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Fardeen Khan, Bipasha Basu and Mugdha Godse in lead roles. If the promos are anything to go by, this one promises to be a complete Diwali Dhamaka.

    With expectations and curiosity levels about the film rising each and every day, we at Bollywood Hungama bring you an exclusive sneak peek at the various characters you are likely to see in All The Best. Enjoy!!!

    Sanjay Dutt as Dharam Kapoor aka 'tharki'

    Virtuous and a thorough gentleman, Dharam Kapoor is upcoming Rock Star Veer (Fardeen Khan)'s millionaire step brother. Dharam simply loves to hate Veer's best friend Prem (Ajay Devgn) and tortures him to the core. He has not left any stone unturned to pressurize and scrutinize just everyone around him ever since he has arrived to Veer's house in Goa. His favourite colour is 'Black' and he loves everything connected to it, literally! Dharam has been highly responsible in generating hilariously awkward situations in just everyone's life around. He is the new player on the block who also has something wrapped underneath all the events created by others at Veer's house. Apart from his secret traits like excellent drum playing skills and a hot physique, Dharam just surprises everyone with his power packed stunts and impressive wooing skills. He is in true sense the 'Big Brother' of the mad house!

    Ajay Devgn as Prem Chopra aka 'Chopdu'

    Ajay Devgn plays a wannabe car expert who makes brilliant looking cars and when the car goes on the road, vrrrooom… it certainly gives out a death fearing experience. Prem utilizes his creativity in making concept cars and dolling out flop ideas to his best friend Veer (Fardeen Khan). He has contacts right from the 'Slumdog Millionaires' to the local mafias of Goa. Prem loves his wife Jhanvi (Bipasha Basu) and is extremely possessive about her. He is excellent in generating ideas that can change one's life, but for worst in most of the cases! He also holds an MBA (Maha Bekaar Aadmi) Degree and has been successful in handling vague characters as well as the deadly 'Dharam -Veer' state of affairs at Veer's house. Prem is absolutely proficient in covering up just everything with his 'Lies' but being the professional liar that he is, Prem just swanks the circumstances beautifully.

    A 'lie guru' in true sense...that's Prem Chopra for you- Naam suit karta hain!

    Fardeen Khan as Veer aka 'Faadu rockstar'

    Fardeen plays Veer, a wannabe rock star with all that rockstar-ish attitude! Vibrant, energetic and ambitious, but a weak decision maker! One of the victims of Prem's (Ajay Devgn) faltu flop ideas! Things get worst for him every time he uses those ideas, but he still blindly continues to follow it. Veer also holds an exclusive degree like best friend Prem, PHD (Phata Hua Dhol). With music in his soul and looks to die for, Veer is a devoted lover to his lady Vidya (Mugdha Godse). Apparently, Veer also happens to be in the hate list of Vidya's father. It all becomes worst after 'bade bhaiya' Dharam (Sanjay Dutt) enters his life and ruins the situation even further, adding fuel to the fire! Veer leads his musical band 'ROAR'. Vidya's father (Asrani) precisely calls his band 'a bunch of maniacs'. Veer loves his step brother Dharam a lot but at the same time has lied indefinitely to him.

    A claiming to be married upcoming rock band singer who's absolutely living on his brother's pocket money and heading the best concerts on the beaches of Goa that's Veer Kapoor for you!

    Bipasha Basu as Jhanvi Chopra aka 'the fitness trainer'

    Bipasha Basu plays Jhanvi Chopra. Apart from the genuine human being that she is, Jhanvi truly is in love with her husband Prem (Ajay Devgn). Covering up all of Prem's secret endeavors rather 'jhols' to be precise, the only right thinker in the entire cast, Jhanvi runs a decapitated ancestral gym of Prem's forefathers. A beautiful dedicated trainer who has to go through all the unwanted mishaps in the 'second - hand' accessorized ancestral gym; Jhanvi successfully handles Veer (Fardeen Khan) and Prem's awkward situations that they have generated over time. Jhanvi has been extremely successful in saving them from Big brother Dharam's (Sanjay Dutt) suspicious sight.

    A perfect 'Home maker' and an aid to the crucial circumstances created by others, that's the sexy trainer and very understanding Jhanvi Chopra for you!

    Mugdha Godse aka Vidya aka 'the vaastugiri expert'

    Mugdha plays Vidya! 'Superstition is the poison of the mind' very well defines Veer's (Fardeen Khan) love interest 'Vidya'. Vidya follows vaastu, astrology, numerology, feng shui and everything that is distantly superstitious. She also makes sure to implant it in every situation possible. But unfortunately the results are not too happening! A little dumb by character, but madly in love, Vidya wants to get married to long term boyfriend Veer as soon as possible. Adding to the madness in the house, Vidya simply becomes bait in the roller coaster ride of the amusing rib - tickling situations. Adorable and charming, Vidya just adds to the whole circumstance by her witty one liners and breaking the ice by failing to cover up the lies created by her boy friend (Fardeen Khan) and his best friend (Ajay Devgn).

    A delightfully dumb vaastu freak and an innocent lover - that's Vidya for you

    Besides the above mentioned 5 lead characters, there are a host of equally funny supporting characters whom we will reveal shortly. So watch out for that!!!
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