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    Meet the G.One family!
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    Default Meet the G.One family!

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    The buzz around Shahrukh Khan's RA.ONE is growing by the day not only amongst the kids - because it is a superhero flick - but also among the audience in general. So as we are getting closer to the release date (October 26) let's get introduced to the G.One family... and know their world!


    G.One stands for the 'Good one'. He is made of electricity and is programmed to protect. He is infused with powers to fly, speak different languages and control probability amongst other things. G.One's powers are centered in his H.A.R.T. (Hertz Amplifying Resonance Transmitter) what makes G.One endearing is his bond with the kid - Prateek. He is not just another super hero with weapons and metal parts... He is a superhero with a H. A. R. T. which will, but obliviously blow your heart.



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