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    Default Media writes sensuous stuff about me: Irrfan !!!

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    The actor will now be a part of MTV Roadies 7 !!!

    Actor Irrfan Khan will be a part of MTV Roadies 7, Indian television's longest running annual reality show. Irrfan Khan is slated to appear on the Season-7 to throw add a twist to the popular show. CNN-IBN caught up with the actor for his take on the show.

    CNN-IBN: You are looking mean already, with the glasses, the bike and the leather jacket. The 'Roadies' is really an extreme show. It has a lot of of swearing, violence, back-biting, scheming, plotting.How do you fit in?

    Irrfan Khan: I make it more intense. I give more challenges. I I throw mental and physical challenges. I twist the plot. I give them situations that they can never ever imagine even in their dreams.

    CNN-IBN: What is the real reason for your doing the 'Roadies'? Is it the adventure, the Reality TV bandwagon that you want to catch up on?

    Irrfan Khan: Oh no, no. I do not want to catch up on (anything). I have enough things going for me. I am here to be part of adventure. I love travel, I love adventure. There is action as well in the programme, so that is what brought me into this programme.

    CNN-IBN: You are a very critically-acclaimed actor and we wish to know a little more about your films to come.

    Irrfan Khan: Acid Factory is just about to be released next month. After that Hisss is a Jennifer Lynch film.

    CNN-IBN: We do not get to hear a lot of rumours about Irrfan Khan. But there is a lot of news doing the rounds of tabloids and on the internet about how you had an intimate scene with Dia Mirza and that you accidentally kissed her on the lips when you had to kiss her on the cheeks. Is that true?

    Irrfan Khan: They like to write about me stuff which is more sensuous. I don't know why but I do not mind if they want to. They keep making this kind of stories, I do not mind if people like it, read it. I can't stop them and I am not bothered about them. Let them do their job, I am doing my job.
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