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    Default Manoj Bajpayee talks about favourite childhood memory

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    I come from a village where Dussehra was always celebrated with much fanfare. Festivities would go on for 10 days. Everyday there would be some puja or other happenings, and we kids would love it. We would look forward to going to the fair which was two kilometres away from the home. We would ride in a bullock cart. That was also the time that gave us the opportunity to worship Durga Mata on last day of Dussehra and buy toys. These are special memories that urban children cannot boast of. We would be told so many stories but the one that still remains fresh in my mind is the story of Ma Durga and Mahishasur. In the story she kept killing him and he kept coming back, as a child it was so intriguing. His stubbornness to live, and her strength to keep trying to kill evil.

    We were most mischievous in the small town where I did my schooling from. We would go to the big fair that happened during Diwali and Dussehra. One of my friends would engage the shopkeeper while we would steal a piece of mithai. We would do it for fun and thrill and also because we were short of money but it was very trivial. Stealing was never beyond a piece or two of sweets. After all Dussehra is a message of victory of good over evil and its told repeatedly every year.

    But best memories of burning of effigy of Raavan I have are when I was in Delhi for my studies. I remember going to the Ramlila Maidan to watch the burning of the effigy. It was on such a mammoth scale - the sheer scale of festivities, the fireworks..... Lakhs of people gathering to watch the end of evil. Indulging in road side food and chat later with the friends used to be fun. Hot chai from the stall was a must. No city celebrates it like Delhi.



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