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    Default Manoj Bajpayee has friends with benefits

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    You can credit Manoj Bajpayee's authentic act in 'Special Chabbis' to his friends.

    Manoj Bajpayee is known to play unconventional roles in his movies. Praised for his acting skills and bad boy roles, Manoj is again playing a serious role in his upcoming movie ' Special Chabbis'.

    This time Manoj is playing a good guy, being the real CBI agent in the movie. It seems as if Manoj has adapted to the role of a CBI agent very well. But there is a secret behind his authentic act.

    The actor has a lot of CBI friends in real life and he is consulting them for his role in the movie. Sources say, "Manoj has constantly been in contact with his CBI friend about their work and their role. If he has any doubt, he directly contacts his friends clarifying it and correcting his role."

    He is going all the way to be the best actor in the movie where he is playing the exact opposite role of Akshay Kumar, who is playing the fake CBI agent.

    Manoj sure has some great friends with benefit.



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