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    Default Manisha Koirala soon to launch a dance and music academy

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    Manisha Koirala is now in the midst of initiating and putting together a dance and music academy for her sister-in-law Yulia (of Kasakhstan) in Kathmandu.

    Speaking excitedly about the project Manisha, who is very close to her Bhabhi, said, “My brother Siddhartha and my parents stay in Nepal. And so I am perched between Mumbai and Kathmandu. My sister-in-law opened a dance and music academy and I am very involved with that project. What I really like is that Yulia has named the dance and music academy after my grandmother who was a connoisseur and patron of the arts. Yulia is a trained musician. She plays the piano and the guitar fluently. We’re getting teachers for the academy from Russia and the UK. It was all done on a huge scale. Nothing of this sort has ever been attempted in Nepal.”

    But Manisha now intends to make Mumbai her home base.

    Manisha she has become actively involved with her grandfather, the late B P Koirala’s movement towards the welfare and assimilation of the Nepali people in the Indian mainstream.

    Last month Manisha delivered a rousing speech on her grandfather’s socio-political ideologies at a rally held by the Nepali community in Mumbai.

    Shared Manisha, “My grandfather started the Jansampark Samiti for the needy and jobseekers from Nepal. The Samiti invited me to address their meeting on Independence Day. I happily went. I am told the turn-out increased substantially when my name was put on the speakers’ list (laughs). I spoke about the need for honest people in politics in India or Nepal. I think we need selfless people like my grandfather in politics.”

    As far as films are concerned Manisha has just completed Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot 2 and enjoyed herself thoroughly.

    Said Manisha, “I’m very happy with my role in Bhoot 2, and so is Ram Gopal Varma. I’ve worked with him in Company. He is a fine craftsman. I got along really well with his whole crew. They’re a nice bunch of educated cultured people. I’m paired with Chakri (Satya actor Chakravarty). I play the mother of two kids, and quite happily so. When I was doing Mani Ratnam’s Bombay I remember I was really apprehensive about playing a mother. That’s the only film project I’ve taken on. I need time for my other activities. I’m traveling to Nepal after Ashok Mehta’s chautha. And then I am going to Europe for a film festival in Midland for a week. Then I am back to Mumbai by end of September.”



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