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    Default Manisha Koirala wants to do select projects with people she gets along well with

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    Veteran Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala, who debuted with the 1992 made film Saudagar, is back after a long hiatus in Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot Returns. The flick is a sequel to the hit 2003 horror film Bhoot, that starred Urmila atondkar and Ajay Devgn.

    Talking about her character, Manisha says, “I play a modern mother who does not believe in supernatural, ghosts etc. And hence when such experiences affect her own daughter, it gets very difficult for her to accept the same.”

    Before Bhoot Returns, Manisha had done one more horror film called Anjaane in 2005. However, the actress does not regard that film a classical horror, “The film was more of an emotional family drama as the entire family was locked up in a house of ghosts. In this film, something happens to my daughter after which I really get spooked.”

    Personally, Manisha does not like to see horror movies after watching The Ring. Talking about the genre, she adds, “It is very important for any film, be it horror or comedy that it is made well. If not, a lot of unnecessarily blood and gore (teeth coming out etc) and sexual content gets thrown in the mix. You can make a very simple film and yet make it very scary like The Blair Witch Project. The above English film was like a documentary, they never showed the ghost yet you shiver in your pants.”

    Coming back to the director of Bhoot Returns, she says, “He loves to scare people (Bhoot , Darna Mana Hai). Filmmaking is a director’s vision and all my hit films till date have been with good directors. So, I am confident about the fate of Bhoot Returns as well, when it hits the theatres on 12 October.”

    Manisha who took a sabbatical after marriage (which sadly did not work out) is back to what she loves… acting. “I am now enjoying my experience much more. Earlier, I had overworked myself and ended up choosing certain wrong projects. I don’t ever want to go back to that phase. I had a blast doing Bhoot Returns; we enjoyed the shooting process every day. I hope this good phase continues.”

    Looking ahead, the actress wants to do only select projects with people she gets along well with. “Otherwise there is no sense working jut for the sake of it.”



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