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    Default Manish wants me in Kolkata: Sophie !!!

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    To walk the ramp, one has to be an exhibitionist, says Sophie Choudry. But is Daddy Cool with that? Kolkata is, as the actor-VJ walks for designer Mandira Wirk at Emami KFW2.....

    Is it true that you are walking the ramp for Mandira Wirk?
    Yes. When I see a lady coming up with a feminine and unique style, Iím all for it. No spoilers will get revealed about my outfit. Iím arriving on September 12. My dear friend, Manish (Malhotra), has asked me to be there for his show. Iíll try but Iím not too sure whether thatíll happen since I have other commitments.

    Since you are a singer, VJ and actor, how comfortable are you on the ramp?
    People have this misconception that Iíve been modelling all my life. Fact is, Iíve never trained to be a model. I love being on the stage and feel completely at ease and in control. But the ramp is a different ballgame altogether. Few actors can do it. I was walking for Manav Gangwaniís show in Delhi when Manish whispered: ĎWalk like a divaí. I feel one has to be an exhibitionist to be good on the ramp. Iíll have my share of butterflies in the stomach but then, thatís okay.

    How exciting is the prospect of walking the ramp in Kolkata?
    Though I was born and brought up in London, my mom was involved in business that brought me down to Kolkata during my vacations. I remember watching my friends play golf at Tollygunge Club and attending the house parties in the evenings. Iím a huge fan of nalen gurer sandesh. My momís business partner is a Bengali and I make him bring sweets for me
    whenever he is in town.

    Isnít having a sweet tooth a problem when you need an hourglass figure?
    I think size zero is hogwash. I work out a lot and Iím proud of the way I look. Itís important to be fit, feel and look good by exercising and going for a sensible diet. Iíd say one should never starve; learn to have one piece of mithai rather than the whole box.

    Howís your acting career shaping up post-Daddy Cool?
    Though reviews have been mixed, Iíve received an encouraging response. Even my special
    appearance in Chintuji has been appreciated. In another two weeks time, Iím hoping to sign some more projects.
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