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    Default Mani Shankar makes Narendra Modi go Holographic

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    Thanks to a startling technology known as holography whereby an individual can be seen in his authentic physical form in many different places simultaneously, Gujarat’s chief minister Narendra Modi would be seen physically present simultaneously in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Baroda giving identical election speeches.

    This startling technological innovation has been brought to India by filmmaker Mani Shankar who has earlier directed hi-tech sci-fi films 16 December and Rudraksh, and his business partner Kasu Rajagopal Reddy. After Modi goes holographic we hear the company plans to “bring back” Michael Jackson for a live concert with musicians Shankar Mahadevan, Adnan Sami and others.

    While Mani Shankar has signed an NDA regarding this huge 157-crore rupee project a friend of the filmmaker revealed, “Holographic Projection is like pure magic. A live human being appears out of the blue, walks, talks, asks and answers questions, and on an invisible cue, disappears into nowhere. Holographic Projection is not a movie special effect. It is ‘live’. It can be made to happen anywhere, in your office, home or in a mall,
    on a stage, virtually anywhere. A precursor to space-age technologies that will surely revolutionize the whole business of media entertainment and communication. Holographic Projection will redefine the way we interact and think. It will usher in a new age of virtual presence, where you can be ‘beamed up’ to any part of the world instantly, ‘appear’ in any place, interact with people there as if you were really there, and in an instant, ‘beam yourself back’ to where you originally were. Holographic Projection can also create multiple avatars of yourself, and you can appear in ten, a hundred or a thousand places simultaneously, walk and talk around, speak and answer questions and relocate yourself to anywhere else instantly, at the speed of light. The beauty of Holographic Projection is that your avatar will be just as real as you, and if you were to stand next to your hologram even your best-friend would have a tough time deciding who was real and who was virtual. Of course, the best way to figure out would be to throw a punch at the person in doubt. A punch into a hologram would pass through, because ultimately, a hologram is an illusion. But what a fantastic illusion it is!”

    Confirmed Mani Shankar’s friend, “Mani and his team of Anjali Joshi and Bhupesh Bhupathy will deploy specially created holographic mobile theaters for Mr. Modi in Gujarat. These compact mobile units pack a huge punch as they criss-cross villages and showcase a life-size holographic shows where Mr. Modi appears from thin air and talks to villagers man to man- in person, right there in their own yard!”

    While declining to speak on his holographic association with Narendra Modi, Mani Shankar said, “We are certainly looking at changing the way audiences connect with celebrities, and yes, something startling with Michael Jackson is on the cards.”



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