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    Default Mallika Sherawat to play Bhanwari Devi in Dirty Politics

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    It was in an item song with Mallika Sherawat in Bin Bulaye Baraat that Om Puri had raved about the oomphy lady.

    “Contrary to her image she is so decent, she should be called Mallika Sharaafat,” Om had exulted, expressing a wish to work at length with the shareef Sherawat.

    It seems someone up there heard Puri. Mallika has now been cast opposite the seasoned actor in K C Bokadia’s Dirty Politics, a film based on Bhanwari Devi who was allegedly murdered by a topnotch Rajasthan politician.

    While Om plays the politician, Mallika is cast as the temptress who seduces the politician and then gets sucked into a murky political game culminating in her murder.

    Apparently Mallika was Bokadia’s first choice for the role. But the remuneration played the villain. Says a source close to the project, “Mallika quoted a fee that was way too high for Bokadia’s budget. Every actor in the film from Om Puri to Jackie Shroff and Atul Kulkrani is working at a subsidized rate but Mallika wouldn’t budge on her price. Finally, Bokadia did something really smart. He sent Mallika twenty minutes of the shot footage to impress the actress Mallika”

    Having seen the footage, Mallika was bowled over and apparently agreed to compromise on her price.

    Producer-director Bokadia confirms Mallika’s presence in the film. “I did have some problems in convincing her, but she has finally agreed because her role is very powerful. Mallika plays a Rajasthani street dancer whose murder triggers off a high-level investigation.”

    Bokadia has coverted the nurse’s character to a Rajasthani street dancer to accommodate Mallika’s oomph quotient into the plot. “I’m giving her three potential chartbusters composed by Sanjeev-Darshan (sons of retired composer Shravan) to dance to. One of the songs Mere ghagre ne ghamaasan kiya would set the screen, street and stage on fire —wherever Mallika performs.”

    Bokadia doesn’t deny the Bhanwari Devi angle for Mallika’s role.

    “Mallika’s character is inspired by Bhanwari Devi but we’ve created another chain of circumstances for her character’s murder. And by the way, she is named Anokhi Devi.”

    Sources close to the project say the changed name and profession for the Rajasthani politician’s torrid scandalous involvement with a beautiful woman are being done to avert legal trouble for a film based on scandal in Rajasthan that rocked Parliament and shocked the junta.

    But then shockers from Sherawat are no longer a surprise.



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