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    Default Mallika Sherawat’s "paisa" issues

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    First the debacle of her latest film Kismet Love Paisa Dilli, and now comes the news that actor-producer Sachin Joshi has complained to leading producers and leaders of the Hindi film industry including Vikas Mohan, Sajid Nadiadwala and Ratan Jain that Ms Sherawat owes him money which she refuses to return.

    Says a source close to Sachin, “In the capacity of a producer Sachin Joshi signed Mallika for a film that she agreed to do. He paid her a signing amount of Rs 75 lakhs. However Mallika backed out of her commitment to do Sachin’s film, leaving Sachin in a lurch. He however is yet to recover the money. In spite of repeated requests Mallika refuses to return the money.”

    When we contacted Sachin Joshi he confirmed that Ms Sherawat indeed owes him Rs 75 lakhs. “I wish her well. But I want my money back. So far she has not done the needful. I’ve asked some prominent members of the film industry to mediate. If not, I will take further action.”



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