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    Default Mallika Sherawat accuses entrepreneur of touching her!

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    Mallika Sherawat, the item queen is all set to start her New Year with a lot of latkas and jhatkas. The actress will be performing on the 31st night, at a renowned hotel in Mumbai.

    The otherwise vivacious actress, recently lost her cool at a renowned entrepreneur (of a top advertising agency), Yogesh Lakhani. The outdoor publicity 'king' wanted Mallika to meet his business partners, but she reacted in a absurd way and misunderstood Lakhani of trying his hands on her.

    "Sherawat showed Lakhani a lot of attitude and in a rather rude manner shunted him, stating, "Don't touch me". (See the picture of Lakhani standing behind Sherawat, taken minutes before the incident). This was not the end of the story, the 'Hisss' girl also accused her 'not be seen' bodyguards of being on a holiday," said an source, who was present at the event.

    "Aap log holiday par ho kya," said furious Sherawat, who gave them a piece of mind for not giving the damsel proper protection which resulted on the stray touching.

    Yogesh Lakhani confirmed the incident, "Yes she did say that. I just wanted her to meet my other partners as we are doing the outdoor activity of the event. When I tried to draw her attention to the same (since there was lot of chaos) she mistook me and got furious." Yogesh added, "Later she met me and my partners and she spoke very cordially."

    Well, Ms Sherawat needs to get hold of her anger before she spoils all her relations.
    ...being a human...



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