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    Default Mallika misses mom''s ''aalu paratha''

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    Actress Mallika Sherawat, known for her bold onscreen avatar, uses her mother's maiden name and says she misses the 'aalu parathas' made by her the most.

    "Me and my brother together used to eat 'aalu parathas' with lots of desi ghee which mom used to made," Mallika said in a statement. Now that the actress has turned vegan, she can't eath aalu parathas.

    On the occasion of Mother's Day May 13, she will share all this and more through her voice blog, which will go live Sunday. She also talked about love, mischief, festivals and much more.

    Mallika, who started her acting career with "Khwahish", was last seen in "Double Dhamaal". She also featured in international films like "The Myth" and "Politics of Love".

    Fans can listen to Mallika narrating her life's interesting moments by dialling 5789 from their mobiles.

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    thx for the news

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