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    Default Mallika:'It's my body; no one tells me how much to show'

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    Mallika:'It's my body; no one tells me how much to show'

    She has appeared in films that don't have anything extraordinary to boast of other than... her.

    Leave aside the few of them, may it be a nocturnal bash at the New Year's or a raunchy item number that sets the mercury rising,

    Mallika Sherawat always manages to grab enough eyeballs.

    With substantial international appeal, Madam M even today has eyes wide open that contain an excitement to leave behind many benchmarks.

    She claims to become the big Indian superwoman who is sexy, venomous and who swallows the whole. Right now, she's slithering around swiftly with that trademark banter.

    In an explosive session, she sits on the hot seat only to smoulder it into flames, getting refreshingly candid about her upcoming release, Hisss, her much-speculated ride in the West, and who has been her best on-screen kisser till date.

    Hisss is an unusual departure from the previous films you've appeared in. How did you think of doing this film?

    It's a very Indian story, with a very Indian theme. Nowadays, the films that are made are set in the US and shot extensively overseas. They connect more with the NRI audience. I was shocked since nobody in about two decades thought of a theme that was so much Bollywood!

    Hisss is about a snake woman who kills -- it's full-on Indian mythology. In the very early times of Hindi cinema, there were always films based on naag and naagins. So I would like to say I'm bringing India back to India and I'm very proud of it.

    Apparently, you've gone through very exhausting time during the filming.

    Yes, and it highly drained me physically. The make-up alone used to take around four to five hours. Once it was done, I had to be carried to the set since the snake-tail did not allow me the comfort of walking. I was extremely dehydrated at times. I would also have to wait for long hours before I got to answer the nature's call. It was indeed a complex procedure and the film was very challenging tangibly.
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