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    Default Malegaon's Superman to clash with Hollywood's Spiderman

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    Coinciding with the release of The Amazing Spiderman this Friday is director Faiza Ahmed Khan’s satirical documentary Malegaon Ka Superman (Supermen Of Malegaon).

    Describing of the film, Khan says, “Supermen Of Malegaon is a documentary that follows a group of intrepid filmmakers in Malegaon in Maharashtra as they attempt to make Malegaon Ka Superman; transposing the Man of Steel onto the landscape of a town known for its power looms and power cuts and its communal riots. It is an idealistic film, non-didactic and humorously told spoof.”

    How was it shooting another film crew? “The other film crew thought we’d leave in three or four days, perhaps like a news crew or something. But we hung around for three months. And we were not only filming the filmmaking process, but their lives as well.”

    How did she go about the process? “Siddharth, my co-producer, and I went to Malegaon and met Nasir- the director of Malegaon Ka Superman- and his gang of collaborators. These are the people who have day-jobs, doing mundane things to put food on the table. And, in their free time, they dream of making films. And then they make them.”

    Faiza continues, “On the way we speculated that if there was a film that we might want to see these fantastic real-life characters make, then Superman would top that list. In the first ten minutes of our meeting, Nasir said that there was a film that he wanted to make and that film was Malegaon Ka Superman. The signs were all pointing in one direction. And we were on.”

    The documentary follows the making of a shoe-string budget film Malegaon Ka Superman for which Khan took seven months to complete. Made entirely by a group of non-professionals, the film cost the makers a meager one hundred thousand rupees.

    Due to a low budget, Khan couldn’t publicize the film well. On the contrary, she relied heavily on social media. “There is an audience for all genres of cinema nowadays. So, I’d say it’s an encouraging sign,” Khan adds.

    The film is being distributed by Sunil Bohra’s Bohra Brothers who have bought the overseas rights of the film. In Mumbai, the film is being screened by PVR.



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