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    Default After Malaika's "zandu balm"'s Kareena Kapoor's 'phebicol' time

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    It isn’t for nothing that the much-anticipated item song in Dabangg 2 is called ‘Fevicol’. We’ve come to know that producer-director Arbaaz Khan has tied up with the multi-national company for a huge collaborative project before allowing Kareena to croon in favour of the well-known adhesive company.

    Kareena started shooting the ‘Fevicol’ song from 5 November onwards. This is the first time Kareena returns to the arc lights after her much-hyped wedding on 18 October. Farah Khan choreographs the number.

    Says a source, “Salman wants Kareena’s item song in Dabangg 2 to be bigger, brighter, and bouncier than Munni badnaam in Dabangg. He selected the tune, and finalized Mamta Sharma to sing it. He also decided on bringing the adhesive company into the song. If you remember, the Munni badnaam song in Dabangg had gotten into a wrangle with the Zandu balm product for mentioning their product in the song. Subsequently, producer Arbaaz Khan sat across the table with the balm makers and the two parties worked out a lucrative deal whereby Malaika Arora who performed Munni badnaam endorsed the balm and also became its brand ambassador. A similar deal has been worked out with the Fevicol company for the item song in Dabangg 2.”

    The idea is to use the Dabangg franchise as a platform for an endorsement-based item song each time. It was Zandu balm in Dabangg, it’s Fevicol in Dabangg 2. It would be another popular product in the next film.

    Confirming these development Arbaaz Khan took time off from his frantic editing to say, “Yes, we’re tying up with an adhesive company for Kareena Kapoor’s item song Fevicol. But the brand won’t be thrown into the audiences’ faces. It’s been sung in a very earthy way by Mamta Sharma, so that it sounds like ‘Phebikol’ in the number.”

    So it is an earthy rustic number?

    “Very much so,” informs Arbaaz. “We wanted the track to move ahead of what we did with Munni badnaam in Dabangg. The song’s being formated similarly. Salman will be joining Kareena, just like he joined in with Malaika in Munni badnaam.”

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    The song Munni Badnam in Dabangg was made a tremendous success then after that Arbaz Khan is ready with
    The song of Fevicol. I hope this song will also make blast and will love by audience...



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