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    Default Makers of 3 Bachelors file petition against Sharman

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    Sharman Joshi, who is riding high after the success of his film Ferrari Ki Sawaari (FKS), is a very miffed man today. The reason? Well, he feels that the makers of the film 3 Bachelors are trying to encash on the success of FKS by releasing the film on July 6 this year, which is almost after 10 years of it being made! Sharman, who termed it as sheer opportunism, said that even though he has nothing against the makers of the film 3 Bachelors, the fact that they have suddenly woken up now is what is bothering him. He also added that FKS has created audiences' goodwill and to capitalize on its success in this manner is not right. He is worried that the audience should not get an impression that this is his recent film.

    This take of Sharman has apparently not gone down well with the makers of 3 Bachelors, who are now planning to take legal action against Sharman. Producers Pramod Sharma and Manoj Rastogi, who have filed a petition against Sharman, confirmed that they have sent him a legal notice to which he did not respond. That's when they filed a petition in Dindoshi Court. They also added that, despite all this, he is maintaining silence and to top it all, he is not even promoting their film.

    Rastogi said that he could have understood Sharman's displeasure had he not paid him his full amount, which is just not the case. He said that Sharman had no right to speak against the producers and the film. He felt that Sharman could have at least called up and mutually sorted it out rather than ignoring them completely.



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