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    Default Mail-icious: Aamir idiot-ic?

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    Nitin Desai is appalled that a mail, supposedly sent by him blasting Aamir Khan, is being circulated in the media

    Art director, Nitin Desai is in a state of shock. A mail is being circulated with his name in which he questions Aamir Khan’s knowledge of the on-going distributors’ and exhibitors’ conflict. The mail is a link to the blog which, apparently, Nitin Desai has written criticising Aamir for his lack of knowledge and his mannerisms.

    The content of the mail makes acerbic remarks at Aamir’s genius clearly indicating that contrary to perception, Aamir is not the intelligent actor that people make him out to be.

    It also accuses Aamir of asking for larger share from the profits of Ghajini. It makes fun of Vashu Bhagnani, who was moved by Aamir’s “offer to clean toilets in single screens so that the release of his son Jackky’s debut movie
    is not impacted”.

    A stunned Nitin Desai said, “I have absolutely no clue about what you are saying. Who is that Nitin Desai? I have worked with Aamir and have high regard for him. Who am I to point out Aamir’s mistakes? I am too small to take any panga with Aamir. There has to be some mistake or some mischief. I have got nothing to do with it and I have no clue about who is using my name to spread such things.”

    Desai added, “I am too busy with my work, making my sets and creating new ideas for the same. I definitely have no clue whatsoever and have no time to write blogs and blame Aamir Khan for anything.”

    Excerpts from the letter

    ...Mr Vashu Bhagnani is choking with emotion with Aamir’s magnanimous offer to clean toilets in single screens so that the release of his son Jackky’s movie is not impacted.

    Sorry to spoil this moment for you Mr Bhagnani but do you not realise that Aamir has nothing to lose if Jackky’s movie flops because it could not be released in multiplexes?? Aamir’s skiing away in pretentious Montana while you are losing money and perhaps your son’s careeer to an unjustified cause.

    His movie Three Idiots does not release until December so obviously he can sit back and have the last laugh on the snow laden slopes of the mountains while everyone else bows down to his ‘idiotic’ whims and fancies.

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