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    Default Mahesh Bhatt's 'Jannat 2' faces plagiarism charges

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    The spew of accusations regarding plagiarism and copy rights have started again. After the movies Jodi Breakers and The Dirty Picture, the latest film to face these issues is director Mahesh Bhatt's "Jannat 2" starring Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta.

    Just one day left for the release of Jannat 2, a mumbai based writer Kapil Chopra has filed a case of plagiarism against the Bhatts claiming that the story of ‘Jannat 2’ was apparently stolen from him.

    According to the reports Kapil claimed that he had registered his story way back in 2007 with the Film Writers Association. He said that since he knew Kunal Deshmukh very well, so he had narrated the script to him once.

    But to his utter shock, Kapil couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the promos of the film, and he realized that it was his story. Everything was same with characters, plot and the dialogues having strikingly similarity to his script.

    Kapil went to meet Kunal and Mukesh Bhatt for an explanation, but they denied his allegation. Following which, Kapil filed his case against the producers. It is heard that Kapil has demanded an injunction on the release of the film and also wants due credit to him for the film made.

    Well, the truth behind the story is not yet known. Let’s wait and watch the story of both sides and then jump on to some conclusion.



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