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    Default Mahakshay Chakraborty talks about gaming

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    I am in love with gadgets and yes, you can call me a gadget freak. Dad had brought me a talking Robot from London when I was five, and it's still with me. But it was at eight that I fell for the gadget phenomena. It started with my love for the Media Mega Drive and Sega. But marking my graduating from games to a proper gadget was the Discman. It was a rage back in the day. And of course DVDs were just getting popular. So I was totally into my Disc Man while working out and DVDs by night. Also the flat screen TVs were just arriving. I somehow managed to get one and still have it with me in Coimbatore. I even had this crazy sound system, which had an all in one feature of playing cassettes, CDs and VCDs. I would channel it to my DVD player and turn the volume very loud!

    I didn't have many friends to show off my stuff to, but I still have those things in tip top condition. I also had a fascination for cordless phones. Now of course mobile phones have made cordless phones as good as extinct. Even the Polaroid cameras where a huge craze for me. Gizmos are a very important part of my life, I haven't discarded even the old and almost redundant ones.

    You name it and I have I have the Playstation 3, The PSP, The XBOX 360 also. And I am also very much into Home Theaters Systems and I have just put a new Onkyo Amplifier System in my hall for the HD Effect. I am also collecting many Blu-ray Dvds as they are the future of home viewing. I have my eyes on a 3DTV right now and very soon, I know I will be getting it. I always have my i-pod with me with the all my favourite playlists and my i-pod touch with all the latest games and applications. I am also very much in love with My Blackberry phone and now I am waiting for the new Blackberry torch to come out!



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