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    Default Magic of Pran all over in new Zanjeer

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    The iconic Pran who was hospitalized is back home and doing very well. So well that one hears the Zanjeer producer Amit Mehra and director Apoorva Lakhia have actually resolved to create a very special cameo for Pran Saab, the “original Sher Khan” , in the new Zanjeer.

    On Thursday producer Amit Mehra met Pran Saab at the latter’s residence in Pali Hill and found the veteran actor to be in great spirits.

    Says Mehra, “I was a child on my father Prakash Mehra’s sets when Pran Saab played Sher Khan in the original Zanjeer. When I went to meet Pran Saab I was delighted to find him in great spirits.

    Touchwood he looked hale and hearty and was in a voluble mood. Pran Saab had a lot to ask about our new Zanjeer. He also shared some fabulous reminiscences with me about the shooting of Zanjeer with my father, about how my dad made Pran Saab dye his hair and beard a reddish colour and put him in that Pathani suit, etc etc.”

    Continues Mehra enthusiastically, “He is so full of life, so sharp and such a wonderful bank of memories. I am glad we are recreating Pran Saab’s Sher Khan. He told me even today people in far-off places remember him by his song Yaari hai imaan mera in Zanjeer. It was a turning point in Pran Saab’s career. We’re sure the new Zanjeer would be a turning point in Mr Sanjay Dutt’s career as well.”

    Producer Amit Mehra who celebrates his birthday on Sunday says he couldn't have hoped for a better birthday gift. "Meeting with Pran Saab, and finding him so spirited has made me realize we're paying a tribute to three iconic film personalities in Zanjeer: Bachchan Saab, Pran Saab and my father Prakash Mehra. We better get it right."

    Sanjay Dutt who plays Pran Saab's role in the new-Zanjeer, would be sporting an entirely different look.

    Says Mehra, "My director Apoorva Lakhia has planned something else for Mr Dutt."



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