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    Default Madhur and Neil to tour prisons in Maharashtra for Jail

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    Accompanied by cousin, Kalpesh Bhandarkar who gets a major break as a cinematographer in Jail, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar is all set to take his leading man Neil Nitin Mukesh for that much-delayed trip around the prisons of Maharashtra to prepare for his role as the young prison inmate in Jail.

    Initially, the ones chosen for this very special jail yatra amidst tight security were the director Madhur, his DOP Kalpesh Bhandarkar, the scriptwriters Manoj Tyagi and Anuradha Tiwari, and of course Neil who's expected to master some of the body language and prison habits to get into the skin of his role.

    But now even Mugdha Godse who insisted on accompanying the entourage to jail has been included.

    In fact when told about it Neil was surprised to hear that Mugdha would also be accompanying them to the three prisons in Pune, Thane and Nasik. But the lady wants to understand the world that he would inhabit, albeit only by proxy. Says Madhur, "It's true, Mugdha's character doesn't have anything to do with prison life. But we all thought she should come along to get a feel."

    There were initial reservations about her accompanying the group for security reasons. But Mugdha seemed spunky and gung-ho about the matter. Says Madhur, "We couldn't really start the film until Neil visited the prisons, it was very important for him to get a feel of the environment, as we start shooting in March."

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