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    Default Madhur Bhandarkar facing plagiarism charges

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    Realistic filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar who won several awards for his flicks like “Fashion” and “Page 3” has landed in a fresh controversy. The filmmaker, who recently got relief from the Supreme Court in a rape case, has now been sued by actor-turned-author Seema Seth for plagiarising with Fashion after four years of its release and has sought compensation of Rs 2.5 crore.

    A complaint against him for allegedly "stealing" the "plot and idea" of his movie Fashion from a book without giving credit to its author was referred to a designated special court dealing with copyright cases.

    In the plea, Seth has claimed that Madhur stole the idea for Fashion from her book El-Dorado, published 3 months prior to the release of the film on October 29, 2008.

    "Careful reading of the said book vis-a-vis the story of the said movie would conclude that all the story/script has been taken from the said book without my permission. The movie was a big success throughout India and other countries," she said.

    Metropolitan Magistrate Colette Rashmi Kujur who had heard the case on five dates since January and had kept the matter for pronouncing order on summoning Bhandarkar said, "The matter pertains to copyrights and there is a special court dealing with the Indian Copyright Act. So, I will transfer the case to that court."

    Madhur Bhandarkar who resumes shooting of Heroine two days back is seems to be very upset with plagiarism charges. 'Now someone has gone to court for the copyright infringement of my film FASHION after 4 years and demanding 2.5 crores... In the past my films PAGE 3,TRAFFIC SIGNAL and JAIL claiming to be their concepts were dismissed by legal courts and writers association,' Bhandarkar tweeted.

    'I am sure they will be ready with their petition for my upcoming film #HEROINE also which is in making right now for their 15secs of Fame,' he added.



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