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    Default Maddy wants to kiss on-screen!

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    It is difficult to understand why R Madhavan is called the ‘Hrithik Roshan of the South’. He says he’s clueless too.

    “I really don’t know. But I think it’s an insult to Hrithik. He’s so good looking, a great actor and a fabulous dancer. I feel sorry for him whenever I am called that,” he smiles. And he admits that “after all, nobody calls Hrithik the Madhavan of Bollywood.”

    Remind him of his small screen days, and he has a few seconds of nostalgia. “I do miss those days when one was so carefree. Tab Fridays ko tension nahin hoti thi,” he sighs. But no cribbing here. “I would still prefer movies any day for the platform and exposure and success it offers.”

    In real life too (just like in 3 Idiots) he was asked to pursue engineering – though he didn’t want to – and had to convince his parents to let him do what he wants to. “I told them, mujhe engineer nahin banna hai, and they later agreed.” So did he tell them that he wanted to be an actor? “At that time, mujhe khud ko nahin pata tha ki mujhe kya banna hai.” When did he come to know? “Arre, jab aap logon ne mere baare mein likhna shuru kiya, ki yeh achcha actor hai, mujhe tabhi laga ki acting mere liye sahi choice hai,” he replies.

    On that thought, Madhavan agrees that kids these days are quite smart, and unlikely to be confused about their future. “At times, I am scared even to talk to my four-year-old son Vedant; I think he’s much smarter than I am. The other day, I confused a dolphin with a shark. And he was so quick to point out, ‘Papa, yeh dolphin nahin, shark hai’. I asked, ‘Tujhe kaise pata?’ He explained all the minute differences between the two. Honestly, I didn’t know. Toh main thoda darta hoon ussey baat karney mein.”

    Was he apprehensive that his on-screen chemistry with Vidya would be diluted if he did too many movies with her? “Not too many movies, I decided that I shouldn’t be doing just any romantic flick with her. It should be a different and a sensible script.” Post his passionate kiss in Guru with her, it was said that he would never lock lips again on screen. “I’ve never said that. But if you ask me why I’m not doing a lot of kissing in my movies... well, guess the girls don’t want to kiss me. Otherwise, I have absolutely no issues, am all ready to kiss,” he declares with a smile. “Lekin if a director asks me to do a movie that has 17 kisses, of course I will react differently!”

    When he was asked about the ‘college’ backdrop in most of his B’wood movies, he says, “Haan, I know I have a four-year-old kid, and I still play a college guy. Audience mujhe pasand karti hai aise roles mein. Lekin aap yeh bhi toh dekho, main abhi December tak college student tha, ab graduate hoke professor bhi ban gaya hoon (his role in Teen Patti). Main screen par to bahut hi jaldi bada ho raha hoon.”

    But how come he is growing up as the ‘cute guy? Actors begin with the chocolate-boy-image and later work up a hot bod. But Maddy was the hottie in his twenties in Sea Hawks, and is growing ‘cuter’ with age... “Umm, I’m grateful to all those who think so.” After a pause, he says, “I think it’s because girls find me hot only in uniform – they liked me in RDB too. Mujhe lagta hai mujhe aur movies karni chahiye jin mein main uniform pehenu.

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