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    Default Lucky to have a father like Dharmendra, says Bobby Deol

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    Actor Bobby Deol prefers to sit at home than doing random films which come his way as he does not want take up projects which do not interest him.

    The 44-year-old's number of movie releases in recent years has not been more than two and the actor blames the decline due to lack of interesting script being offered to him.

    "Nothing interesting comes across and I don't want to do something which I don't enjoy, I'd rather be at home. I haven't come across anything which is exciting and I have felt passionate about," Bobby told .

    The actor's past few movies like "Chamku" (2008), "Heroes" (2008), "Ek The Power of One" (2009), "Help" (2010) and "Players" (2012) have also not worked well at the box office.

    He will next be seen opposite his father ( Dharmendra) and brother (Sunny) in 'Yamla Pagla Deewana 2', a sequel to the 2011 release of the same name.

    Bobby says he enjoys working with his family as he gets to be friends with his father which does not happen otherwise.

    "It is always great to work with papa and bhaiya. We are a very close knit family so working with them I am very much at ease and I have no stress, my brother handles everything. I get a chance to be friends with my dad and do things what two friends do."

    The "Barsaat" star also said it has been his father's dream to work with his sons and he is now living the moment.

    "My father must have dreamt that his boys would be actors and for him its the moment he is living now. People are happy to see us together because they love my dad so much and we get so much of love because of that... So we are very lucky to have a father like him," he added.

    Bobby and Sunny are yet to work with their cousin Abhay Deol and the actor said he would love to work with him but with the right script.

    "It took us a long time for the three of us to work together. It is difficult to get a good script and fit everybody in. Abhay's cinema is very different, which I am very happy about because he believes in it and people love him for that kind of films."

    "And in this industry what happens is once you start doing one kind of cinema then people don't want to see you otherwise, so eventually we would want to get a script which Abhay likes," he added.



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