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    Default LUCK - KAANTE meets DHOOM 2?

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    Action thriller LUCK releases today and the first question that comes to the mind is - 'Whose film is it anyways?' Is it Sanjay Dutt's film? If that's the case, are we going to see him in the same garb that he has been wearing in all the films where he is seen as a gangster or someone on the other side of the law? Also, one ends up questioning - LUCK looks glossy but does it have content?'

    Well, one does expect content from the film though. If this is an Imran Khan film, as the makers have been trying to portray through the promos, one tends to look at LUCK with magnifying glass. After all the last time Imran and Sanju baba came together, they delivered a disaster in the form of KIDNAP. Hopefully Soham Shah, the film's director, hasn't repeated the mistakes as made by Sanjay Gadhvi.

    From Soham Shah though one does expect a much more than just a decent outing. His film is looking like KAANTE meets DHOOM 2 and if the effect is even half of what these two films managed to create; Bollywood has a winner in hands. The young film maker did impress with KAAL (well, in most of the parts) and with a much bigger canvas, budget and stars, he ought to have a great script in hand that would have got them all together.

    Which brings one to the rest of the cast which is headed by. Shruti Hassan So is LUCK a Shruti Haasan film? The young woman has already made headlines with her bikini quotes but can she act? That's one question which would be answered when the film releases today. It's a pity though that there were no paid previews of the film yesterday; that would have given the world quite a good idea around where the film was headed for.

    As for the box office opening, the film should embark on a good start. No, expecting all shows to be going houseful would be expecting too much; after all the film is seeing a huge release. Still, a 60%-70% opening is pretty much on the anvil that should keep the film's investors breathing. Perhaps the film could have taken a much better opening had the makers stuck to the action packed promos belonging to the kind that was released first. They were easily the most mind blowing promos that one had seen in year 2009.

    The good part though is that over last 7-10 days, promos are back in telling the true story about LUCK - the film and not LUCK - the music album. The film is looking promising and should keep the action buffs happy. If LUCK gets lucky over the opening weekend, it should very comfortably sail through past the safety mark. Indications are pretty though that it will!

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