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    Default Its all about loving your family - Sohail Khan

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    When one has a great storyteller like Salim Khan at home, one neednít look far for inspiration and guidance. Ask Sohail Khan, who intends to take papa Salimís help for his next love story, which will star bade bhaiya Salman Khan. Sohail had earlier directed Salman in Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, Auzaar and Hello Brother.

    According to Sohail, the sensitivity quotient in the love story will largely depend on his father. Sohail confirmed this and said, ďYes, Iím taking dadís help to write the love story. No one knows script writing as well as he does. Today, young filmmakers take dadís help to put together missing pieces in their scripts. So why shouldnít I benefit from his amazing talent?Ē

    While the finer details of the love story are yet to be decided, Sohail said that it will be a realistic and mature love story. ďI want to direct Salmanbhai again after I finish producing Partner 2,Ē he said.

    Commenting on the cast of his next love story, he said, ďMy films will always feature Salmanbhai. As for the leading lady, it will always be about who he is comfortable with.Ē

    Meanwhile on the acting front, Sohailís career as a comic actor is going great Ďgrinsí. He has just wrapped up Do Knot Disturb, a comedy film with David Dhawan. Now, David also wants Sohail to play a part in Partner 2, but Sohail intends to politely turn down the offer. ďI canít produce and also act in a film. Iím okay with being directed by David in Amar Akbar Anthony along with my brothers because the Tauranis of Tips are producing it. But when Iím the producer, I donít want to act,Ē said Sohail.



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