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    Default I would love to promote football: Shah Rukh Khan

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    At an event yesterday the actor let it slip that his dreams of promoting football are still very much alive, even though the Dempo deal is off

    There have been several reports about Shah Rukh Khan's plans to invest in the country's most successful football club, Dempo Sports Club. Despite the club's claims and several unofficial announcements, the deal never really materialised, with the club being "forced to look at other 'star' options", say reports.

    But SRK, whose love for football has been stoked by his son Aryan's passion for the game, is still keen to engage with it.

    TOI has learnt that Shah Rukh Khan is interested in getting a football league started, aimed at encouraging young players of the game. And if what he said at a press meet yesterday is anything to go by, he nurtures dreams of promoting the game in the way he has been doing cricket.

    At the event, SRK said that during his recent trip to Dubai, he visited several indoor football venues and thought it would be great to get something like that started in India as well. "I will take the initiative..." he said, "We are the only nation of such a size without a good football team. I would love to do it (promote), in whatever capacity possible."

    According to a source close to the actor, he intends to start brainstorming with his team soon. "Aryan is passionate about football, and is a huge fan of Manchester United. In fact, on December 31, 2012, SRK played football on the beach with his son and his friends all night. And it is only natural for him to do his bit as a father and a sports enthusiast," added the source.

    However, when we got in touch with members of his team that looks into his sports investments, they said they had no knowledge about his football plans yet. And so the guessing game continues...



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