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    Default I LOVE Priyanka Gandhi to DEATH : John Abraham

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    It seems John Abraham's voluptuous girlfriend Bipasha Basu has reasons to be unhappy.

    Voted sometime ago as the sexiest man in the world, John surprised many with his choice of the sexiest Indian woman. No it's not Priyanka Chopra he was talking about. But that's not reason enough for Bips to heave a sigh of relief.

    Surprisingly he vouched for the suave Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as "the sexiest woman in India by eons and light years" in an interview to the men's magazine GQ.

    It definitely must have come as a shocker for the dusky Bong beauty.

    He didn't stop there.

    He gushed, "I love her to death! I'm totally impressed with the sophisticated Mrs. Gandhi Vadra and I think she's "going to be the real power centre in the future".

    We understand John's sentiments but we just hope he doesn't end up offending his hot girl friend too much. After all, confident woman like Bips don't like to be scorned in any way.



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