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    Default Id love to work with Ash for a diaper ad: Prahlad Kakkar

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    Ad guru Prahlad Kakkar is a well-known name in the ad world today. But not many people know that Prahlad was born in the City of Nawabs. The ad man was born in a military hospital in Hazaratganj and stayed here for six months before his family moved to another place. Ask him if he would ever want to direct an advertisement promoting the city's rich culture and heritage and he rues, "The UP government has done nothing to promote the city and this is the tragedy. I would love to promote Lucknow's culture and heritage."

    And this ad guru just doesn't work behind the lenses. For filmmaker Bijoy Nambiar, it was Prahlad's typical catholic priest look that inspired him to cast him as priest in his movie David. "It's the role of a bevda priest. He comes on screen just for two minutes," laughs Prahlad, adding, "Bijoy is a dear friend and when he asked me to do the role, I couldn't say no. I have earlier done a cameo in Madhur Bhandarkar's Page 3. He considers me his lucky charm and feels whenever I am a part of his project, the film becomes a hit. I am again doing a small role in his next movie. But frankly, acting is not my real profession. Aapne meri shakal dekhi hai I look like I a villain!"

    While acting may not be his cup of tea, Prahlad definitely has a dream role in mind to play - the character of Friar Tuck, the priest to Robin Hood. "Friar is just like me - jovial and fat! I would love to play roles that are similar to my personality. I can play them with ease then," he says.

    Apart from acting, Prahlad shares information about his first movie as a director. "My movie is titled Mere Mehboobs. It will be based on real incident about the hoax call on the hijacking of an airplane during the Shahnawaz Hussain ministry. The flight was from Mumbai-Delhi, and everyone went crazy without confirming the news. Later, the minister blamed it on the confusion between pilots. It was such a funny incident. I just need to start work on it now."

    Coming to his favourite subject - advertising, Prahlad, who launched Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as a model for a soft drink commercial, says that the actress is still his favourite. "I love Aishwarya and would love to cast her again and again. But this time it is going to be for a diaper ad. She is a yummy mummy now," he laughs out loud.



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