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    Default A LOOK : Ramaa - The Saviour

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    .. DESIRULEZ.. brings to you the first look and concept of Raama - The Saviour

    ...DESIRULEZ... brings to you the first look and concept of Raama - The Saviour.

    Focused around children, the story revolves around six kids: Rohan, Riddhia, Kunal, Komal, Sameer and Saanjh. Rohan and Riddhi are siblings studying in public school along with Sameer. Kunal and Komal, however, are students of an international school. The story continues on to show how these six meet. Facing each other in a dancing competition which results in a tie, the six become the lucky chosen ones to play a special video game that has been recently launched - The Last Battle.

    The action starts when these children play the video game. All of a sudden the kids find themselves on an estranged island. This leads to some mixed feelings - fear for the potentially dangerous situation they find themselves in and curiosity and excitement to explore the island!

    But as they say, all good things come to an end. Trouble eventually follows when Riddhi is attracted by a giant creature, Kali, who is twice the size of a human being. Her life is saved though when Ramaa, a young man who has resided on the island his whole life, comes to her rescue.

    More danger is in store for these kids when Kali sends over a boat filled with armies of mercenaries and a scientist assistant, Samara.

    The second half of the movie results in Ramaa and the kids trying to save their friend. Do the kids manage to keep safe? Were they able to return to where they came from? Watch to find out!

    Releasing in the winter, Ramaa - The Saviour is an adventurous film with a promise to entertain children and their parents alike

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