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    Default A look at the actors who are also good sports

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    When she's not shooting, what keeps actress Chitrangda Singh busy? Practising shooting! Yes, actress Chitrangda Singh is now training her guns to participate in the national level skeet shooting competition, and from what we hear, she's determined to make a go of it. There are quite a few sportspersons among our celluloid stars. They are not just passionate about sports or follow sporting events keenly, but they also have played the sport at various competitive levels, and have been among the medals and honours.

    Shree Advani, sports and performance psychologist points out, "Sports allow film stars to launch several aspects of their personality. It has myriad advantages, apart from the obvious ones of health and fitness. Playing sports helps them deal with pressure situations much better. Let's not forget, a sports field is a version of life itself. It's a mini life, replete with its share of suspense, excitement, disappointments, wins, losses, revenge and unfairness. Film stars who're into sports can deal with their anxieties much better, and are more emotionally stable. Also, they're more driven. It's unbelievable how much actor Rahul Bose can pack into his day because he's never out of steam. They epitomize the essence of carpe diem. Also, sport brings humility. There's a greater sense of appreciation for achievement."

    Here's looking at some of our other celluloid champs.

    Deepika Padukone - Badminton
    With ace badminton champ PrakashPadukone as her father, it's not surprising that DeepikaPadukone has been a state-level shuttler. However, the racket got rested when the glamour world beckoned.

    Neetu Chandra - Taekwondo, Basketball
    She has a couple of black belts in Taekwondo. But it's not just proficiency in martial arts; she can also put it through the hoops with commendable ease. The national-level basketball pro has even impressed the big daddies at NBA. Troy Justice reportedly commented after watching Neetu's game that she should indeed be playing for the NBA

    Ananya - Archery
    This Mollywood actress can hit the bull's eye with her archery prowess. She's been on target and has won the Kerala state championship, and struck gold at the state archery meet last year.

    Nana Patekar - Shooting
    An ace shooter, the fiery actor is a regular fixture at the Balewadi shooting range in Pune. Nana's preferred position is 50m rifle prone. He's also seen at various shooting events and is known to encourage and buck up young shooters.

    Vinay Rai - Rugby
    Here's another guy who can kick it real hard. VinayRai has played rugby at the professional level. He has represented India and Bangalore and was part of the Indian squad that toured Bahrain in 2001.

    Rahul Bose - Rugby
    A rugby player, Rahul Bose only recently, reluctantly, exited from competitive rugby stage to do full justice to his film and social commitments. Rahul was part of the first Indian rugby team to play at an international level, and has represented India in more than 20 international matches. He's also a pugilist, who's won a silver medal at the Western India Championships.

    Akshay Kumar - Martial arts
    Not for nothing has the prefix Khiladi been appended to actor Akshay Kumar's name. While he's literally game for anything sport, he's most adept at martial arts, and has been a martial arts instructor too. He insists it's sports that helped him get a break in films. He has once said, "I came to films because of martial arts. If someone gave me my first film, it was not because of my acting talent, it was because my kick was good."

    Sammir Dattani - Skating
    With his skates on, this guy's on a roll. SammirDattani is a roller skates champion, and his effortless gliding has seen him bag many a top honour in this sport. He even merged his passion, skates and films, when he was seen skating away on the Kannada screen.

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    where is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucas2321 View Post
    where is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?
    This is bollywood section.

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