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    Default LONDON PARIS NEW YORK: Another addition to genre of actor music director

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    Apart from the fact that LONDON PARIS NEW YORK has been shot extensively in these cities, another feature of the film is that the lead star of the film Ali Zafar has also given music to it. He is the newest addition to the illustrious list of actor-music directors who have made their mark in a big way in the world of Hindi cinema. Ali Zafar became associated with the world of Hindi entertainment with his music album 'Jhoom', but he tested waters as an actor with TERE BIN LADEN and with his third film LONDON PARIS NEW YORK he has got a chance to give a flavor of his musical acumen as well. He seems to have made his mark as a music director as the song of the film, ''Woh Dekhne Mein Kaisi Seedhi-Saadi Lagti'', is peppy and foot tapping.

    There have been phases in the world of Hindi cinema where actor-music director have made their presence felt with the versatile talent. The pioneer in this category was Kishore Kumar and the music that he arranged for his films, be it JHUMRU, DOOR GAGAN KI CHAV MEIN, were haunting, simple and continued to reach out and impress through the score and rendition.



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