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    Exclamation Several LOL tweets on Joker and Sherlyn Chopra

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    This weekend among the many other things trending on Twitter were Joker and Sherlyn Chopra. While Shirish Kunder's Joker became everyone's favourite punching bag, Sherlyn too continued to stay in news by posting some controversial (cucumber) pics on the micro-blogging site.

    We bring you some of the best hilarious tweets on Joker

    Mohak Gambhir: Can't take away the fact that SRK is a "visionary". Slapped Shirish Kunder 8 mnths before Joker's release. Now the whole country wants to!

    Rahul 'Jack' Agrawal: My request to audience please do not download joker from net you will be wasting your precious bandwidth @ShirishKunder

    Rofl Indian: Raj Kapoor desperately wants to be reborn for two things. First slap Shirish Kunder. Then drop Joker from 'Mera Naam Joker'.

    Angry Bombay Girl: Should have taken Anu Malik in #joker instead of the Aliens .... Equally annoying and Scary

    Raju Parulekar: Joker film ko horror ghoshit kiya gaya.Theatre mein ek akela aadami film dekhne gaya.Akelapan,andhera aur Joker dekhte hi woh behosh hua...

    Sudhish Kamath: Joker: Shirish Kunder's desperate attempt to make Tees Maar Khan look like a classic. Ticket to Joker is a certificate for being one. 1/10

    chaamir khan: Shirish Kunder in 2012: SRK slapped him, he apologized to SRK, Akshay Kumar ditched him, Salman kicked him from 'kick' & his Joker flopped.

    Angry Bombay Girl: If u Get Missed calls or Blank calls from an UnKnown number ...dont answer could be Shirish Kunder ...asking for Work . #joker #beware

    Meanwhile some of the hilarious tweets doing the rounds on Sherlyn's latest tamasha (read the cucumber pics posted by her) were as follows:

    Angry Bombay Girl: Dear Indian Farmers ...who work so hard to produce Fruits n Vegetables... pretty sure Sherlyn Chopra was just appreciating all Your effort

    J: If ever they think of a program for @SherlynChopra on the lines of 'Rakhi ka Swayamvar', they will probably name it 'Sherlyn ka cucumber'.

    Gabbar singh: Wake me up when Cucumber bends. ~Sherlyn Chopra

    Ripper: The good thing about dating Sherlyn Chopra would be that you don't have to buy her expensive diamonds. Kheera hai sada ke liye.

    Rofl Indian: Teacher: Make a sentence naming any two vegetables. Student: Yesterday I saw Sherlyn Chopra with a cucumber.

    doctor at large: Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey are like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan - its difficult to decide who's more insufferable

    Faking News: Sherlyn Chopra is following Sunny Leone's career, in the reverse order.

    Amena: Sometimes, I think Mamta Banerjee needs that cumber more than Sherlyn Chopra.

    Tushar Gaikwad: WTH is The Sherlyn Chopra League ? O.o

    Rofl Indian: Trust Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey to popularise vegetables among kids! #ultimateirony



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