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    Guys sporting long hair returns as a style statement again. From television stars to B-Town dudes and musicians, all of them seem to have developed a fancy for long locks. Here's the list of the long locked hunks.

    Ranveer Singh
    He is one munda who is 'aadat se majboor' to take the ladies for a rollercoaster ride. With a well chiselled body and a bushy beard, Ranveer Singh is currently sporting a look that fits in perfectly as the reel rake. And his long silky locks are just the added advantage to amp his wicked charm. Beware all you girls, this could just be the guy who will probably take your breath away without you even realizing it.

    Rannvijay Singh
    He makes a thousand girls twirl with his easy charm, and does so with a perfect ease. His attitude, style, fashion statements and on screen persona as the 'good guy' on Roadies, have won Rannvijay many a fans too. Rannvijay, with cult reality show Roadies, appears in a different avatar. This time around he's sporting long curly locks. Be it any style, he carries it with ease and this time is no exception either.

    Ayaan Ali Khan
    Classical musicians are known for their mane matters. From Ustad Zakir Ussain to Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, their long hair have always grabbed much attention from the audience. And Ayaan Ali Khan is no exception. This handsome sarod player can easily give many a film stars tough competition with his looks to die for and long hair. But music is what mostly keeps him engaged. Though he did show his interest in composing for Bollywood, acting issues were put to rest for now.

    Kunal Karan Kapoor
    His role as a the boy next door in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha as Mohan Bhatnagar won him much adulation from his fans. So much so that in a poll conducted by a entertainment portal saw a tough battle brewing between him and BarunSobti. Sporting a ruffled, unkempt hair, that gives him an apt look for his role in Na Bole... Kunal accepted that he is not cut out to be a hero, but he sure is popular amongst his fans.

    Luke Kenny
    It took him a while to return to the limelight after the success of Rock On! But now Luke Kenny, former veejay and now actor is back, as a screen zombie. In a unique hairstyle, blond locks and a serene smile on his face, Luke is ready to take the silver screen once again. Long locked zombies are a rarity even on screen.

    Gaurav Chopra
    From being the star on television to being in a Hollywood film (a cameo in Blood Diamond), Gaurav Chopra has sizzled as always. And whatever he does, he does it in style with his long hair adding more style to his persona. And he sure rules women's hearts. The actor not only has a liking for long hair, but for long overcoats as well. He sported his favorite coat when he recently visited Ahmedabad and posed enthusiastically for the lensman making it a picture perfect moment.



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