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    Default Live-in relationships are important: Chitrangada Singh

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    Chitrangada Singh, who is busy promoting her upcoming film I, Me, aur Main talks to TOI about the modern women, live-in-relationships and claims that modernisation is good, but not westernisation.

    Do you believe modern women have changed?
    I think women change their mind every hour and it's very difficult to know it. I really think that a modern man needs a lot more to catch with the modern woman. I have always maintained that a woman change, adapt and evolve easier than a man. Man is not open to this kind of independent woman and they can't take that she can be independent financially and not available all the time.

    Do you think women are doing same mistakes which men have done in power?
    I agree with the fact that it has nothing to do with females or males, but it's the power and the way you deal with it. Probably, men have to get used to women in power. Even a metro sexual man needs an independent girl.

    Do you agree that nowadays even women are ready to take a pause in a relation and move out of it faster?
    Everyone wants a relationship. Ambition has become such an important part of life and now priorities have changed, but at the end we are humans and we want love. Definitely, women are changing and there is a change with the whole taboo of being one man woman. Needs change, situations change, pressures in life change and that's why we also seen the difference in divorce rate.

    What according to you women should be careful about?
    I think for a woman to be strong doesn't need to be a man. We are looking for respect and equal opportunity. I don't want to behave like a man, but I need that respect as a woman. Modernisation is very good, westernisation is not. We don't have to ape the West and we have Indian values and I am proud to be Indian.

    What do you think about Live-in relationships?
    Live-in-relationships are important in today's world. It's better to try rather than spoil a marriage.



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