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    Default List of films having their world premiere at MAMI

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    The 12th edition of the Mumbai Film Festival by MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Image) is scheduled to take place from Oct 21 to Oct 28 in Mumbai.

    Following is the complete list of all the films that are going to be premiered for the first time ever at the festival:

    1. The Way Home - Biju Kumar
    World Premiere
    Synopsis - The plot revolves around a doctor with a haunting past. Now working at a Prison Hospital, the Doctor is assigned the case of a woman a surviving member from a notorious terrorist group. .Before dying she entrusts him to find her five-year-old son and unite him with his father who is the head of terrorist group. Finding the boy from a village the Doctor and child set out on a journey to find his father. The journey is happening through the contemporary and mysterious path of the terrorist network in the vast country with many incidents.


    Director - Dr. Biju Kumar
    Dr. Biju is the most internationally reputed young filmmaker from Kerala. His earlier films Saira (2005), Raman (2008) are well received in many internationally film festivals inclusind Cannes and Cairo.

    2. Hold Me Tight - Kasper Munk
    International Premiere
    Synopsis - What should be just another school day for teenagers Sara, Mikkel, Louise and Hassan turns out forever scarred. One-by-one seemingly minor events snowball things completely out of control, and leaves everyone involved marked for life. An intense youth drama that shows the hideous face of bullying. A reflection in a mirror that reveals the outlines of a doubtful and paralyzed generation of parents.

    Director - Kasper Munk
    Kasper Munk was born in 1971 in Denmark. He studied method acting and techniques from the New York and at the National Film School of Denmark. He then graduated with a BA in film studies at Copenhagen University in 1999. He also trained in the alternative film school Super 16 in 2006. Munk has nine short films, including fiction shorts, to his credit including Forsvunden (2006) which received the Odense award for Best Film for Children and Youth and Kyss, which was chosen by Buster Film Festival as their Opening Film. Hold Me Tight is Munk's feature film directorial debut.

    Screenplay - Jannik Tai Mosholt
    Producer - Anders Toft Andersen
    director of photography - David Katznelson
    Editors - Ida Bregninge, Nanna Frank Møller
    Cast - Julie Brochorst Andersen, Frederik Christian Johansen, Sofia Cukic

    3. Camping - Jacob Bitsch
    International Premiere
    Synopsis - A tragicomic tale about the gloomy Connie Nielsen who has been emotionally detached since her father two years earlier committed suicide - on his birthday! Connie's mother, Bodil, has taken to the bottle and lives through her 1982 participation in The Eurovison Song Contest; and Connie's kid brother, CAMPING-Christian, has become an overweight bully beating up those smaller than him. To put it mildly, time seems to have ceased and the family ties are hanging by a thread. The otherwise annual caravan trip to the Danish island Langeland was buried along with the father and hasn't been repeated since - until now!

    Director - Jacob Bitsch
    Screenplay - Anders Frithiof August
    Appearances - Mia Lyhne, Kirsten Lehfeldt
    Producer - Anders Toft Andersen
    Executive Producer - Birgitte Hald, Bo Ehrhardt
    Production - Nimbus Film

    4. The Experiment - Louise N. D. Friedberg
    International Premiere
    Synopsis - THE EXPERIMENT is the story of the nurse Gert (Ellen Hillingsø), who is appointed as headmistress of a special children's home, owned by the Danish state in Greenland, 1951. The children's home is intended to accommodate 16 carefully selected Greenlandic children, who have just come home after a year of civilization in Denmark, and now they are to be introduced into the Greenlandic community as role models. Gert, who lives alone and has no family, accepts the assignment with pride. She is idealistic and ambitious and feels passionate about saving Greenland from destitution. The means to this end is to educate and civilize the 16 children in the Danish language and culture, so they can spearhead Greenland's transformation from being a poor hunter society to being an equal part of Denmark. Due to her blind faith in the experiment, Gert underestimates the obvious personal costs to the children. And when the children as well as the Danish state fail her, she finds it harder and harder to maintain her idealism…

    Dir: - Louise N. D. Friedberg
    Director's Bio - Louise N. D. Friedberg was born in 1953 in Denmark. She graduated in direction from the National Film School of Denmark in 2005 with her graduation film The Departure, which won the Nordic Presentation competition. She has worked as a continuity supervisor, assistant director and screenwriter since 1995, on films such as Mifunes Sidste Lang (1999) and Sma Ulykker (2002). Blood Sisters, Friedberg's debut as a director, was selected for Berlin's Generation programme, won the Grand Prix at the Melbourne International Film Festival, and awards at Rome, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Odense festivals. The Experiment is Friedberg's feature film debut.

    Producer : Signe Leick Jensen, Birgitte Skov
    Story & Script / Screenplay : Maj Rørbæk Damgaard, Louise Friedberg, Rikke De Fine Licht
    Director of Photography : Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
    Editor : Martin Schade
    Music : Ola Kvernberg
    Cast: Ellen Hillingsø, Nukaaka Coster-Waldau

    5. Good Night Good Morning - Sudhish Kamath
    World Premiere
    Synopsis - Turiya, driving from New York to Philadelphia with buddies, and a mysterious girl staying alone in her hotel room - complete strangers - engage in an all-night phone conversation on New Year's night. Anonymity could be comforting and such a situation could lead to an almost romance. Or something like it.

    Cast: Manu Narayan, Seema Rahmani, Vasanth Vaz Santosham, Raja Sen

    Director - Sudhish Kamath
    Dir.Profile - Sudhish Kamath is a Chennai-based independent filmmaker, a journalist and film critic with The Hindu. 'Good Night | Good Morning' is his second feature. He also hosts a talk show called 'Hands Up' where he grills celebrities at gun-point. Recently, he signed up to do a movie review show on radio.

    6. Next Year in Mumbai (France) - Directed and scripted by Jonas Parienté and Mathias Mangin
    World Premiere
    Synopsis - The documentary Next Year In Bombay is based on the lives of the Bene Israeli community of Indian Jews who sought asylum from religious persecution in India over 2000 years ago. The community lived without experiencing anti-semitism in India for centuries and yet, chose to move to Israel in the 1950s. Today the population of Bene Israelis in the city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and its nearby regions and districts number about 4000. The film focuses on the last two educators of the Bene Israeli community - Sharon and Sharona Galsulkar, who have been training in a yeshiva in Jerusalem and who have dedicated their lives towards bettering life for the Jewish community in India. As their daughters are getting older they are faced with the debate- should they remain in the country that has been their religious and social home for centuries and devote their work efforts here or should they relocate to their spiritual home in Israel and reunite their daughters with the promised homeland? All they want is to provide their children a good Jewish life. How much will uprooting a family that can trace its harmonious roots in a culture back to generations damage that very culture?

    Producers: Jonas Pariente, Mathias Mangin, Sophie Goupil
    Script: Jonas Parienté , Mathias Mangin
    Editor: Luc Forveille
    Director of Photography: Mathias Mangin and Jonas Pariente
    Music: Raphael Elig
    Cast: Sharon Galsulkar, Sharona Galsulkar, Joseph Dandekar, Aadiyel Wakrulkar

    Director's Biography: Jonas Pariente gained a Masters degree in Sociology in Paris and an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from New York, where he directed his first two documentaries. His film Bodies & Soul was about a former heroin addict who became a body builder. His A Rickshaw In The City is about the urbanization of Mumbai. Mathias Mangin was born in Sao Paulo but grew up in Paris, graduating in finance from Edhec Business School. He studied photography in Sao Paulo and filmmaking in New York. His short The Chance was selected in Paris and Toronto festivals. Mathias is currently writing fiction in the Atelier Scenario, Femis.

    7. Florida Road (South Africa) by Brad Glass
    Asia Premiere

    This directorial debut by California-based Brad Glass is the culmination of a ten-year dream. The film revolves around the good-hearted Shaan Sahay who moves with his wealthy Indian family to the city of Durban (the film's title derives from the city's main highway where it was shot). Shaan yearns for his father's love and approval as he pursues his passion for writing. He struggles trying to discover his identity and the importance of his culture and the love of family, when a tragedy hits his home and secrets are revealed. The director says, "Florida Road' has a Bollywood flavour with the Hollywood traditions that people all over the world can enjoy." The film stars popular Mumbai-based actors Ashmit Patel, Vipin Sharma, Smita Jayakar and Priyanshu Chatterjee. They are teamed with South African actors Cokey Falkow, Corine Du Toit and Vicky Davis. ' Florida Road ' has traveled extensively to festivals within the United States as well as to Wales (UK) and Stutgart ( Germany ), collecting awards along the way. The screenplay was written by Hollywood veteran Fred Fontana who also co-produced the film. Fred Fontana has worked on many Hollywood Big Budget films including, 'The Specialist' (Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone).

    Producers: Fred Fontana, Brad Glass
    Production Company: Sunworld Productions
    Story & Script /Screenplay: Fred Fontana
    Director of Photography: Dave Aenmey
    Editor: Graham Austin
    Music: Andrew T Mackay, Neill Solomom
    Cast: Ashmit Patel, Vipin Sharma, Smita Jayakar, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Cokey Falkow, Corine Du Toit and Vicky Davis

    Director's Biography: Brad Glass started his acting career in his late 20's, with bit parts in TV soaps. He later acted in several TV commercials overseas in Europe, Australia and Asia . His interest in direction began while working in the Philippines as a lead actor, as he observed takes from behind the camera. Brad eventually travelled to South Africa , a place he fell in love with, where he continued to work in TV commercials while he began pre production on ' Florida Road'.

    8. Punyam Aham by Raj Nair
    International Premiere

    Synopsis: Punyam Aham is a Malayalam-language feature about a man's search for his own true identity, set in the heart of a small village in the North of Kerala. The film follows the story of Narayanan Unni, who has lived in the agony of the story of his origin for many years, and now wants to find the answers that will put an end to all the doubts, questions and unfulfilled desires. His father was a high-caste, fair complexioned Brahmin from a highly respected family. During the communist revolution, he married a low-caste, dark-skinned Parayee or a woman from the untouchable caste, from a southern farming community. Having done this deed that he considered to be noble, his father then left his family behind, and set out for the capital city, never to return. All these years later, Narayan Unni sets out for the capital in his father's footsteps to discover why his father left in the first place. He is motivated by the sheer disgust he feels at what he considers his father's grave misdeeds. He finds his answers upon this journey of discovery and they lead him to understand that people are ultimately enslaved by their heritage and genes.

    Producers: Raj Nair, Shyam Chengalath, Janardhan Menon
    Production Company: Mirabilia Films, 15d, 18 Hospital Road, Hong Kong. Tel: +852.2239.4789 Email: [email protected] Web:
    Screenplay: Raj Nair
    Director of Photography: M J Radhakrishnan
    Editor: Bina Paul Venugopal
    Music: Isaac Thomas Kottukappally
    Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Samvritha Sunil , Nedumudi Venu , M R Gopakumar

    Director's Biography: Raj Nair was born in Kerala. He studied in London and Harvard universities and is now settled in Australia. He is the author of fiction, poems and short stories. He published his first novel Nishabdathayilae Theerthadakan (A Pilgrim of Silence) in 2001. In 2004, his made his debut as in films with his feature length docu-drama, The Exhibits, on his grandmother, widow of famous Indian author, Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai. Although he has spent a major part of his life in the west, his lineage inspires him to write in his mother tongue Malayalam on social issues of his birthplace, Kerala.

    9. Alif (India)- K.M Kamal
    World premier
    Synopsis - Seven different stories in a single narrative- connecting different lives associated with a single character name called Mustafa. Mustafa is a school boy who gets punished, after being mistaken for another Mustafa who bunked class that day. The story then proceeds to Mustafa, a young man who tries to learn English as to appear for a job interview. Next one is Udit, who is obsessed with a video game character named Mustafa. The fourth Mustafa, is unseen, as he tries to annoy a married woman with his anonymous presence on her journey to buy her first burkah. Mustafa Ahmed, who lives in a ghetto comes next as he goes for the first day of his work at an international call centre. Mustafa, a goat, takes over the narration at this juncture. He is taken to a butcher shop by a man who visits a psychiatry clinic and a police station on the way. Mustafa is then butchered and packed off to a sex worker's house where a small time goon disguises himself with a fake name 'Mustafa'.

    The film is produced by The Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, as part of the curriculum for the students specialising in Acting. The film is conceived and directed by K.M Kamal an alumnus of the same School as his debut feature film.

    10. When Harry Tries to Marry (USA - India) - Nayan Padrai
    International Premiere</B>
    Synopsis: Harish is a ruggedly good-looking American of desi origins who is on the verge of graduating with that coveted New York college degree. Harish as he was named, or 'Harry' as he is now known, has developed an aversion to the concept of a 'love marriage' because he is convinced that it will only leave him as bitterly divorced as his parents are. Everyone who hangs out with easy-going Harry is therefore in for a shock when he opts for an arranged marriage with Nita, a young woman from India who seems pretty perfect, but whom he hardly knows. Once he embarks on the journey towards marrying his perfect bride, the unfolding events begin to make him wonder if there really is any such thing as the perfect match. What is the formula, if there is one, to prevent mistakes in marriage - whether arranged or love? The more adamant Harish gets about his goal, the more Indian and American cultures clash through the two contrasting families - both pushy in their own right and both determined to uphold their own cultural traditions and customs. His growing friendship with an American girl, Theresa, adds to his confusion. Will Harish or Harry prevail?

    Producers: Sheetal Vyas, Nayan Padrai, Ritu Ahuja
    Script: Ralph Stein and Nayan Padrai
    Director of Photography: Nick Taylor
    Editor: Jennifer Lilly
    Music: Siddharth Kashyap
    Cast: Rahul Rai , Stefanie Estes , Freishia Bomanbehram , Tony Mirrchandani , Zenobia Shroff , Osvaldo Hernandez Chavez , Caitlin Gold , Grant Kretchik , Kanti Pandya , Micky Makhija , Lauren LoGuidice

    Director's Biography: Nayan Padrai was born in 1975. He studied screenwriting and filmmaking at The School of Visual Arts, NYC. He is Co-Founder and President of CineMaya Media, one of the largest South Asian media, entertainment and marketing conglomerates in the US. Padrai has written, produced and directed over 300 hours of Indian television programming across genres. Padrai and his writing partner Ralph Stein have written over a dozen screenplays together. He adapted Beneath a Marble Sky based on the acclaimed eponymous novel. When Harry Tries To Marry which was one of the top ten finalists of the 2009 Creative Screenwriting magazine competition.

    11. Sound of Mumbai: A Musical - Sarah McCarthy
    Asia Premiere
    Synopsis: Sound of Mumbai: A Musical captures the moving story of a choir of children from the slums of Mumbai who stage a concert of songs from the film, The Sound of Music with the Bombay Chamber Orchestra. The venue is the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai, a grand theatre normally inaccessible to the poor. The choir comes from Muktangan school, an initiative of the Paragon Charitable Trust, which provides high quality education to low income families. The story is told through one of Muktangan's best students; eleven-year-old Ashish, whose cheerful optimism and enthusiasm for songs from a film he has never seen would make you forget he lives in a slum. Ashish is performing a solo and the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious concert cannot help but set him daydreaming of opportunities that could open up for him. How far will singing songs about climbing mountains help him find his dreams? Ashish hopes to move a patron enough to sponsor his education and to win the affections of an upper class girl. The stakes are high and under the eye of the camera, Ashish's story encapsulates the ambition and competitiveness that characterize growing up in Mumbai.

    Producer: Joe Walters
    Director of Photography: Liam Iandoli
    Editor John Mister
    Music: Jody Jenkins
    Cast: Children from the Mukutangan School, Mumbai as selected by the Paragon Charitable Trust to perform with the Bombay Chamber Orchestra.

    Director's biography: Sarah McCarthy is a British documentary filmmaker who was born in Sydney and studied film in her native Australia, graduating with honours. She moved to London, England and worked in development for the BBC and RDF Media before working as a director. Her documentary heroes include Errol Morris and Werner Herzog. Her TV documentaries include Murderers on the Dancefloor and Black Widow Granny. The Sound of Mumbai:: A Musical is her third documentary and was screened as an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival, 2010. McCarthy is currently working on her next film The Dark Matter of Love.
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