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    Lightbulb If he likes me, he will have to accept me as I am: Deeepika Padukone

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    If he likes me, he will have to accept me as I am: Deeepika Padukone
    Qualities you look for in your man?
    Honesty, good natured, helpfulness and a nice sense of humour are the ‘must haves’.

    Do ‘good looks’ also find place in your list? And how high in the order?
    ‘Good looks’ is obviously there in my list, but it does not figure that high in the pecking order.

    If you like a guy, would you make the first move?
    No, I am too traditional in that the sense. If he likes me, he will have to make the first move.

    Would you ‘dress to kill’ on the first date?
    No, I would wear something I would be comfortable in rather than something which might attract him, but make me look like a complete fool.

    Would you offer to foot half the bill on your first date?
    Yes, I would definitely, but it would be up to him to accept.

    What would be your reaction if girls made a pass at your guy?
    I would not lose my cool for sure because if we are together, then the trust factor has to be there.

    Would you like him dictating what you should wear and what not?
    If he likes me, he will have to accept me as I am. So definitely, he would have no right to dictate to me.

    If you and your guy had to go away from the busy life, where would you be heading out to?
    We would go to Rishikesh for some serious mountaineering and river rafting. I love adventure sports.

    One general trait of men you dislike?
    That it’s not manly enough to cry.

    Among the current Bollywood hunks, who comes nearest to your man?
    That a tough question, I think I better give it a pass. - Pratik Maheshwari

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    she is tooo tall to get any bollywood actors
    Don't be so humble - you are not that great.



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