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    Default My next will be full-length comedy entertainer: Ravi Babu

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    Actor-director Ravi Babu, who scared the living daylights out of the audience with his Telugu thriller "Avunu", promises that his next film will be a light-hearted entertainer.
    "My last film ('Avunu') was for open family audiences, however, my next film will be for the entire family. I haven't started working on the script yet, but it will be a full-length comedy film", Ravi told us.
    Inspired by a real life story, "Avunu" was the director's third thriller after "Anasuya" and "Amaravathi".
    Poorna and Harshavardhan Rane played the lead roles in "Avunu", which released Sep 21 across Andhra Pradesh.
    Meanwhile, the makers of "Avunu" are also planning to release the film in other languages.
    "The film was simultaneously shot in multiple languages, but we will not be releasing it now," Ravi said.



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