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    Default No legal notice from Natalie to Saif

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    Saif Ali Khan has confessed that doing a film with Natalie Portman was a joke that he had cracked in the wake of Cocktail success. However he is in turn surprised now, what with claims being made that he has received a legal notice from Natalie to clarify the truth.

    "It has been reported in some sections of media that the office of Natalie Portman had sent Saif a legal notice challenging him for the claims that he has made about doing a film together. That's untrue. None of this has happened and there has been no communication whatsoever from Natalie or anyone else from her team", informs our source.

    Ever since Saif 'broke the news' around him and Natalie doing a film together, there was all around frenzy to know further details. However Saif clarified within 48 hours that he had joked about this in the thick of things since there were quite a few speculations being made around his personal life and he felt like entertaining himself for a change.

    "In the clarification when he said 'sorry', it was to all his fans and followers who had actually believed earlier what was being written. However some out there misconstrued this as a reaction to the (nonexistent) notice from Natalie. Again, this is wrong information", the source continues, "A lot is being made of nothing."



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