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    Default Learning came with the experience for 'Khwaabb' director

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    "Khwaabb" is his first movie and director Zaid Ali Khan says that irrespective of which film institute one has been to, it is the movie-making process that actually teaches you the nuances of direction.

    "One thing that I firmly believe in is that no film school can prepare you to actually make a film. When you make a film is when you actually learn. That is in itself been quite an experience post-'Khwaabb'. I can say I have learned a lot," Khan told us.

    Based on the life of a swimmer and an athlete, "Khwaabb" follows the journey of two village-based individuals, who dream of winning an Olympic trophy for their country.

    Even though, sports-based-movies like "Chak De! India", "Iqbal" and "Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal" have already been part of the mainstream cinema, the director feels the genre is yet to be explored.
    "I think sports films are a very important topic to explore. We have seen films that were not so successful but 'Khwaabb' is quite different from all of them. I think it is really nice," he said.

    The movie features newcomer Navdip Singh and Simer Motiani and the 23-year-old director feels they were best suited for the roles.

    "I needed actors and performers who could perform good sporting scenes. My main actor (Navdip Singh) is an ex-tennis player and he is a trained actor under Barry John," Khan said.

    "So the athleticism combined with the performance was very important and that is why we chose newcomers. They were given three months of rigorous training under experienced coaches," he added.

    Asked if his young age can give people second thoughts about the seriousness of his work all he had to say was: "I have worked with utmost seriousness and it's not like a joke. It is genuinely a content-based film. You do have young directors making romantic comedy films but I have treated this in a different way."

    The budding director does accept the importance of commercial success but is currently focused on "Khwaabb" as it is the need of the hour.

    "Commercial success is something that anyone and everyone would like to have but I don't think at this stage that should be my focus. My agenda would be first to establish myself as an artist and as a filmmaker who can deliver what audience wants."

    "You must entertain audience, they are paying their hard earned money to watch the film. They must be entertained but at the same time, if you can entertain them with content which can move them as well, I think then you have made it as an entertainer," he added.

    The movie also features actors Nafisa Ali and Bajrang Bali Singh. Produced by Moraad A. Khan, the film is set for an October release.



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