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    Default I lead the good life by giving love: Giselle

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    To me, life is all about accepting it with immense faith. I like to enjoy it the way it is. As a Scorpion (star sign), my language of love is


    So little gestures of love make all the difference to me. Doing my bit for charity makes me feel human and alive. Back home in Brazil, I used to help out in an institution for kids who suffer from HIV. Now, in Mumbai, I am trying to do my bit to local institutions.

    The good part is that wherever I go people welcome me with open arms, perhaps due to my Indian looks. The best aspect of being in India is that I feel very accepted here. Every time my friends shows me pictures from their families, I feel like becoming a part of it. The simplicity of the people in Mumbai is truly so nice.

    However, I would like to change polluting habits of people in this beautiful city. On a relaxed day, I make plans to travel and feel one with nature when I travel. Recently, I visited my family in Brazil and took a break. Before that, I had gone to Ladakh and absolutely fell in love with the landscapes there. I also feel indebted to nature for what it gives to us.

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