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    Default Lara's TWO BIKINI scenes can be the USP of "BLUE"

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    He is one of the three leading men of Blue, but Zayed Khan is confident that he will hold his own in the action thriller. His last film Mission Istanbul was not received well at the BO, so this time the actor has more reason to pray that this one works. He shares billing credit with Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt and Lara Dutta's bikini, he even lost out on his only solo song in the film but the boy is staying positive. Here he chats about Blue, the bikini babe and bonding with Akshay.

    Cash, Dus and Mission Istanbul burned at the BO. You think this action-thriller will work?
    Blue is a path-breaking movie, it will make history. I loved being a part of this action flick. I can't say no to such roles as it has substance. Also Blue had a good team and technicians, so I am looking forward to its release and the audiences' reaction.

    The title track of Blue was your song but at the last minute, the whole cast got included. True?
    No, no that is just a rumour. It all started with the 'Big fish eating small fish' thing which I said in an interview.

    The movie is full of stunts, which is Akshay Kumar's domain. Were you insecure at any point?
    It was good meeting and working with someone as professional as Akshay. He has a good knowledge of action and stunts and so it was great sharing that space with him.

    Akshay apparently edits out his co-stars' roles. Comment.
    (laughs). Everybody is asking me that question! The movie went as per the script. Akshay is a sweet guy and he never does these things. He has not interfered in the movie or in anybody's role.

    Even Lara has performed stunts and done action scenes, right?

    Lara is looking so hot in the movie, that she has taken the entire attention away from the three guys. Even if she was there in the movie for just two scenes wearing bikini.....she would have been the USP.

    You are crazy about water sports. Did your experience help you while shooting?
    I am an out-and-out water sports guy. I do scuba diving, surfing, rafting etc. It was a win-win situation for me. I was an asset on sets as I had 'been there, done that' already.

    You are doing a lot of multi- starrers, when will we see you playing a lead role?
    My next film, Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene, has me in a lead role. It's a romantic comedy and I play a geek. I am bored of action movies and wanted to do something different. I don't see if a movie needs me as a protagonist or am just one of the many actors in the film. What's important is the work experience which I get while working with good people. Anyways, today the game plan has gone entirely for a toss. Script writing is changing. These days more than the big budget movies, movies with matter and substance work. Off-beat movies are turning out to be good films!

    How was your interaction with Kylie Minogue?

    All respect for her! She is so brave, coming to a different country and getting engaged in an altogether different culture and then pulling it off. It's an art. She is a very international person and discussing about Bollywood with her was so much fun. I was a big fan of Kylie while growing up and working with her was an experience.



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